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MIND=BLOWN” – Pittsburgh Steelers

The best date night in Pittsburgh” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Cheroot Chicanery™ – magic and mindreading with Seth Neustein benefitting Animal Friends

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 from 7 – 11 PM at Smokin’ Brews at 4055 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

For the Facebook event, please click here: Cheroot Chicanery™ – magic and mindreading with Seth Neustein

Close up magic and mind reading, gourmet food, and cigars – all going to save the lives of animals through Animal Friends!

Join Seth Neustein for an unforgettable evening at Smokin’ Brews. Relax with a drink and a cigar, enjoy complimentary gourmet food, and experience the close up magic and mind reading of Seth Neustein.

In Cheroot Chicanery™, Seth Neustein will be performing feel-good close up magic and mentalism ongoing throughout the evening where you become the stars. Seth will enable you to read your friends’ minds, divine clandestine information, and see into the future. You will determine the direction of the show, altering its course, so that it may never be repeated the same way again.

Seth will provide private readings for those who desire additional insight to deep questions of their journey along life’s river of choices (for an additional donation to Animal Friends).

In partnership with Natalie Shugars, Smokin’ Brews, and Animal Friends, you’ll experience Seth Neustein’s uplifting and empowering entertainment normally reserved only for hospitality suites and celebrity VIP green rooms around the globe.

100% of all donations will be going directly to Animal Friends.

This magic is happening at Smokin’ Brews cigar bar located in Bloomfield at 4055 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15224.

This is NOT a ticketed event. Please visit us anytime between 7 PM to 11 PM.

Suggested donation: $20

Please donate to Natalie Shugars’s ’43 Friends campaign with Animal Friends: donate to Animal Friends
Seth Neustein is a critically acclaimed internationally touring mentalist, magician, and author born in Pittsburgh, PA. Following an early retirement as an executive for a Fortune 100, Seth pursued his lifelong passion and traveled the US and abroad performing cutting edge multidisciplinary interactive epic theater and edutainment talks for private, corporate, and public audiences. Seth’s smash hit Secret Speakeasy® and Mental Compass™ experiences have consistently sold out for over a decade, received critical acclaim, and rave revues. Seth has performed for Fortune 500s, hosted exclusive experiences for distinguished society elites, and has realized the truly impossible – a full time career as a creative where he takes joy in crafting one of a kind personalized experiences. That is, Seth specializes in gifting you with cherished lifelong memories.
Natalie Shugars is an internationally renowned singer, spokesperson, influencer actress, three-time Maxim Magazine model, multi-media host, and creator of the hit show, N’at Around Town. As one of Pittsburgh’s 50 finest, Natalie is proud to be from the steel city and is very passionate about the people, the communities and helping others; especially the animals. As a member of the ASPCA for over 7yrs, and fur mom to three rescued cats, Jinxy (19yrs), Jackson & Cash (5yrs), and one little chihuahua, Lucita (Luci) Maya (6mnths) raising awareness and funds for the little creatures that need our love and support is a priority. Natalie featured Animal Friends on an episode of show (N’at Around Town) two years ago and takes pride in serving on the Animal Friends Communications Committee.
Smokin’ Brews cigar and whisky bar located at 4055 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15224 in Bloomfield and their generous sponsorship is made possible by the owners Paul Rosato and Mike Rosato. Thank you for your generous donation and helping save the lives of animals and proving that we may be a steel city, but the people of Pittsburgh have hearts of gold. You and Smokin’ Brews are an inspiration to us all. 

10/29/21 – 10/31/21 – Hand Through The Veil – tickets (theater and live stream) – Seth Neustein will NOT be performing – he consulted for the Baltimore Theater Company

12/3/21 Seth Neustein – Mental Compass™ @ Steamworks Creative  – benefitting the non-profit independent theater Steamworks Creative – details  and ticketing coming soon

We plan all of our business trips to Pittsburgh around your Secret Speakeasies. We can’t wait to seewhat you’ll do next!” – David V, CEO, Global Fitness Health 

Previous Public Appearances (very incomplete) 

(does not include Private/Corporate events and shows or radio/TV broadcasts)

9/22/21 Mental Compass performance – Live Broadcast on Pittsburgh Steelers Chase Claypool’s weekly TikTok with special guest JuJu Smith-Schuster

9/11/21 Seth Neustein – Mental Compass @ Steamworks Creative (Facebook) – benefitting the non-profit independent theater Steamworks Creative

6/12/21 Seth Neustein – Mental Compass @ Steamworks Creative (Facebook) – benefitting the non-profit independent theater Steamworks Creative

12/31/19 Secret Speakeasy® Roaring 2020s: New Year’s Eve Great American Speakeasy® (Facebook) benefitting the charity for abused women – She Deserves

12/25/19 Secret Speakeasy®: In The Tiki Room (Facebook) benefitting the charity for abused women – She Deserves

11/26/19 Secret Speakeasy®: Tales of New Orleans (Facebook) benefitting the charity for abused women – She Deserves

11/7/19 13th Annual In The Pocket benefitting Pittsburgh Steelers Charlie Batch’s children’s education charity – Best Of The Batch Foundation

10/15/19 Strikes Against Sickle Cells benefitting Pittsburgh Steeler Santonio Holmes’ charity: III & Long Foundation

10/25/19 & 10/26/19 Secret Speakeasy®: Halloween Masquerade and Skeptic Seance™ (Facebook) benefitting the charity for abused women – She Deserves

10/3/19 Nerd Nite Pittsburgh – presenting Seth Neustein’s talk: “Your Mental Compass: A Primer to the Psychology of Perception” benefitting the charity Nerd Nite

9/29/19 Secret Speakeasy®: Storm Area 51 After Party (Facebook) benefitting the charity for abused women – She Deserves

9/18/19 Pittsburgh Business Development Conference benefitting the charity Women’s Small Business Association (WSBA)

9/5/19 Nerd Nite Pittsburgh benefitting the charity Nerd Nite

8/7/19 Secret Speakeasy®: Qixi Festival (Facebook) benefitting the charity for abused women – She Deserves

7/3/19 Secret Speakeasy®: Christmas In July (Facebook) benefitting the charity for abused women – She Deserves

Millennial Entrepreneurs: Startup and Entrepreneur Networking Event – Seth Neustein is a sponsor and presents an edutainment talk at all Millennial Entrepreneur non-profit events – there are simply too many to list them all

FJMC Annual Sports Banquet benefitting rehabilitation facilities in Pittsburgh, PA in partnership with Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates, KDKA TV (Andrew Stockey MCs every event), Duquesne University, University of Pittsburgh, Chatham University, Congregation Beth Shalom, and so many more. Seth Neustein has been helping organize and perform at this annual charity event for over 30 years.

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My New Years Resolution was to fully update my website, especially with a list of upcoming appearances. Primarily, I perform at private events for individuals, corporations, conferences, associations, hospitality suites, country clubs, etc.  When I perform a rare public show, it’s generally for a great cause and I wanted to make sure to help these wonderful charities more by putting them on my website in order to direct more traffic to them. 

Plus, it’s a New Year’s Resolution – which means that I made myself a promise – and I honor my commitments. 

There’s a reason they call me the “honest magician”.

A man who lies to himself, and believes his own lies, becomes unable to recognize truth, either in himself or in anyone else, and he ends up losing respect for himself and for others.” – Fyodor Doestoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

Seth Neustein is a mentalist and magician based in Pittsburgh, PA and available worldwide.

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