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Your event is special to you and to Seth Neustein.  Specializing in personalized meaningful presentations, he will work with you every step of the way to create a customized package that ensures your event receives the perfect entertainment for your specific needs.  Seth’s highly engaging performances that blend perfectly to your theme will energize your guests’ hearts and minds – leaving them thanking you for providing them with an experience they will treasure for the rest of their lives.  Both close up and on stage, Seth’s performances are a blend of feel good situational comedy, magic, mind reading, and more!  With Seth Neustein, you can relax and enjoy your event with the knowledge that your guests are well cared for.

For a beautiful example of Seth Neustein’s personalized performances, please see this recent feature news story of a magical marriage proposal he recently planned and performed (spoiler: she said “Yes!”).

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Seth Neustein’s corporate clean magic, showmanship, and performance art has energized, wowed, and inspired international audiences. Specializing in high end private functions and corporate events, he has performed for major sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, sold-out concert hall and theater productions, weddings, anniversaries, holiday parties, cocktail hours, birthday parties, banquets, award ceremonies, fundraisers, charities, conferences, conventions, trade shows, corporate functions, fairs, festivals, and more!

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Seth Neustein is a magician and mentalist who is centrally based in Pittsburgh, PA and available nationwide.

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