My early New Year’s resolution is to update this page as a living repository describing my process for the inspirational life changing insights my clients around the globe expect from me at their events, during expert consults, and during private readings. My goal is to always leave others more enriched and better able to achieve their goals of long term success and happiness from even the briefest of encounters with me. 

Various contributions I’ve made to a number of fields have been privately published in small runs. Others, as yet unpublished, are what began as white papers and have since become so rich with new knowledge that they’ve been combined into a planned series of expert subject matter books that are still in progress. So many of my clients, students, and sitters have been asking for me to publish – even if the works are incomplete. Therefore, this living repository will exist to gift the world with these ongoing dialogues and to encourage further healthy discussion on topics ranging from change management, benevolent sales techniques, experiential marketing, cognitive science, human factors, Jungian symbolism, dramaturgy, etc. 

Holiday season is in full swing and time is even more precious than normal. New and old clients this season are already asking even more earnestly than ever before to benefit from these articles to better navigate more successfully in this brave new world. 

This pre-amble serves as a promise that yes, my word is my bond, and a promise made even in passing in conversation at your event is taken very seriously by me and will be honored. Watch this page for updates over the coming months.

As to the existing content and original purpose of this page…

We should always accept, embrace, and learn from our past. 

Understanding history both external and personal is essential to growth and development. 

The small number of articles linked below were admittedly dedicated primarily to SEO and were published in 2014 when I began this brave new career. They were written at the advice of friends in the entertainment industry who had the best of intentions for me and my success. They thought I only wished to provide light entertainment as they do. We have different backgrounds and intentions. This is more than ok – it’s welcomed. Their different perspectives, wisdom, and goodwill towards me are cherished and reciprocated. 

What I do both as an innovative artist and as a secret weapon for companies to help them sell and retain over the long term in proven cutting edge out of the box ways that I developed myself based on my own eclectic business, academic, and artistic backgrounds is not what anyone else in the world does. It’s taken years and deep consults with other thought leaders across the globe to realize the truth of this statement, and longer still to shed my normal humble character and accept it. As this page is my dialogue with the world to peer behind the curtain and engender insightful discussion, the below articles from another mindset and another time that were part of my personal path to wisdom and self actualization are preserved. They’re embarrassing to read. They were written only for the consumption of algorithms to drive the kind of traffic others thought were what I wanted. I leave them and preserve them here only as a reminder that from humble beginnings, self acceptance, and benevolent introspection can you learn, grow, and succeed.

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